Crazy Island - Android

Crazy Island

Match adorable animals and rainbow drops to master this fun and challenge match-3 construction social adventure inspired by Tribal Trials.

In ancient times, the whole continent step into the period of stability and prosperity after Son of the Dragon defeated the Others. However, the Others revitalized while Son of the Dragon withered in 1,000 years. Darkness is coming! The Little Chieftain need to travel around the continent and collect all the 7 totems to get through the gate of Mount Athos. To prevent the Others’ attack, he must find dragon eggs and turn to be Son of the Dragon! Let’s battle for the continent!

*** Play match-3 to reveal the story.
To a chieftain, who need to travel around the whole continent, there is nothing more important than coins! Keep in mind that you can never have enough coins! With all these coins, a chieftain can build his tribe and reappear the prosperity of the old Westeros Continent.
*** Open chests to trigger events!
What do you think of the reason that we open chests? For coins? No, much more than that! If lucky enough, you get chance to attack your competitors with real cannonballs, loot their forbidden treasures and golden coins! It’s enough to eat a whole year!
*** Explore the continent & build your tribe.
Once you’ve gathered enough coins and own a fortunate land, start your tribe adventure and explore more. Build your Totem, Lodges, Dungeon, Houses, Dark Camp and Barrack, and every diligent chieftain stands a chance to level up and catch a glimpse of Blaze Mount!
*** Share the fun & play with friends.
Gather Facebook friends to compete on your journey! You know what his feeling when you looted his tribe and pushed a notification to his Facebook timeline with a declining tribe?
Additional remarkable features such as unlocking the Others, experiencing unique power-ups and inviting friends for stamina. Don’t hold back, come with us!

Crazy Island Android Gameplay

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