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The first game which combines turn-based puzzle with PVP —《CatGo》, get your brain spinning in higher gear!

1. Cute style
《CatGo》features a cute style, you can tell it from those unique colours for every adorable units: active Raptor, quiet Mortar, and a Sled Dog that chases you all the time...

2. Infinite challenges and custimized mazes
Apart from those mazes our staff prepared for players to challenge, the most interesting part is all kinds of mazes designed by our players themselves, which means you will have infinite different mazes to challenges everyday. Feel bored? Try the "Next" button.

3. The Crown belongs to the cleverest
In the game, players will gradually learn how to design their own mazes and how to solve other players' ones: which step to take frist and why should I take this step? Is this a trap or the key to the solution? Believe me, this is gonna be fun! By the time you have solved other players' mazes, and the time others have sacrifice in your maze, you will feel so proud!
CATGO Gameplay

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