Download Dreams Gifts For Android & iOS

Give dream gifts! Join the magic game and help kids to get the desired toys!

With easier, more intuitive controls, the game is designed to exercise your mind, attention and reaction. It'll be hard for you to stop.

In order to help Santa, Pinky the pig, the Christmas symbol, starts collecting wishes of all children around the world. Rushing back to Santa, he accidentally loses everything he has collected… He needs to recover lost. So meet the challenge and help Pinky to find them!

Move around the calendar and bring forward the Christmas Holiday, giving happiness and gifts to the children! Day by day levels will get more complex and challenging for your memory and attention.

 Help Pinky to recall all the gifts! Are you able to help the pig in this adventure?

 Distribute gifts among the children so that everyone gets exactly what they want. 

 Help children make their dreams come true by completing tasks and gift-giving on time.

Dreams Gifts Gameplay

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