Download First Fishing - Android APK

Enjoy a cheerful fishing game with your partner in the palm of your hand!

■ First-person hud style angle that makes fishing play more exciting
■ Combo system that offers ultra-strong hand taste with rhythmic tension control
■ A predatory radar system that can vividly feel the pressure of the food chain

■ Mature partners who support lovely support and play supporters
■ Partner support and multiple skills that are open according to the degree of affection
■ A story flow that is intriguingly arranged with an emotional touch
■ Every 6 hours, the world master is born, the global fishing tournament, the master cup event

★User permissions★

User permissions required for the game use.

- External storage read/write (READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE / WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE). 
Access authority is required to save and load game data.

"Step 1. when the game is launched for the first time, allow permission for 
[Access to device photos, media, and files] in the pop-up message window."

Step 2. from your device's settings menu, set storage to allow:
[Application manager > firstfishing> permissions > [storage]]

First Fishing Gameplay

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