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Katanas of Glory

"Katanas of Glory" is a Japanese sengoku period style strategic RPG game. The game is set in Japan at 1560. Players join many well-known historical figures of the Warring States period of Japan. In the rapidly changing situation on the battlefield array, players can attack the enemy and turn the battlefield around with dozens of original skills. Outside the battlefield, players can also build their own cities through the construction of the Tenshuokaku, Barracks, Bank, farmland and other buildings which help the city to continue to develop, and produce rich resources to upgrade samurais. This game also has a unique Conquest gameplay. After recruiting and upgrading enough Samurais, you may choose to participate in the Conquest with opportunities to fight with other players, competes with each other to unify the world.

Game Feature
[Real-Time Manual Battle]
The "Katanas of Glory" uses real time manual combat system which constantly creates new battlefield experiences. The game uses dozens of original combat skills and hundreds of heroic passive talents, allowing players to freely manipulate troops while battling. Each player can deploy a unique force to go into battle and freely attack or sneak attack on the enemy on the battlefield. Players can also rely on the power of Corona, Revolving Wheel, Mitsuba Aoi and other talents to turn the battlefield situation around and achieve a brilliant victory.
In the game, players battle not only on the open plain, but also siege castles and defend against the enemies’ attack. Player will need to strategize depending on the various types of soldiers available and adjust to the battlefield requirements. With so many different possibilities, players’ brains and fingers will both be tested. 

[Unique Conquest System]
When the player level reaches a certain level, the Conquest function will be available. In Conquest, players begin as the owner of a small castle and acquire resources by sending troops to occupy land. Then players can expand the Castle and enlarge the army. Players progress step by step to defeat other players to unify Japan and experience the pleasure of conquest.

katanas of glory gameplay

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