Foolish Zombies Run Endless Run In Lost Temple - Android

Welcome to the land of Foolish Zombies where these Dumb Zombies are being chased by the Dogs. Yes you have heard it right. Dogs are definitely good animals and we all love them as they are not only loyal but also protect our homes. Foolish Zombies have attacked our home and these dogs are at our rescue. These zombies are dumb and Stupid. These Dumb Zombies are afraid of dogs and being chased.

You are smart and hence these zombies are seeking your help to escape from the claws of dogs. Help these Foolish Zombies escape. Swipe to change direction and jump. Tilt to change the path. These Zombies will die if they fell in water also. So be careful and help them escape from the dogs in this Foolish Zombie Run. Let’s see if you can be helpful and let the zombies escape.


* Foolish Zombie Escape Run
* Many Zombies to select
* Unlimited Lost Temple Path to Run
* Easy and Smooth Controls
* Tilt and Swipe Controls
* Easy and Fun Based Game
* Made for All Age Groups

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