Galaxy Shooter: Seven Worlds (Seven Shooter )

If you are a fan of space shooting games and like to simulate sky fire shooting, so Galaxy Shooter: Seven Worlds game is game for you.
You like to participate in space battles? But you are too boring with other games.
This is a game developed from classic arcade game genre, old game but with a new context, more vivid graphics, more modern combat scene, fiercer, more glamorous.
Galaxy Shooter: Seven Worlds is a horizontal screen game Galaxy Shooter - Seven Shooter .

πŸš€ How to play πŸš€ :
⭐ Move player
⭐ Destroy the enemy
 ⭐ Upgrade player
⭐ Change your weapon.

πŸš€ Features πŸš€ :
★ Players will play an adventurous journey through 7 worlds
★ Conquer the land
★ Collect pets, weapons
★ Defeat all enemy, mini boss, boss

Galaxy Shooter: Seven Worlds Android Gameplay

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