Midnight Sun - 3d Turn-Based Combat (Android iOS)

Midnight Sun

Dive into the unique world of turn based fighting games, clashing in fierce elemental battle for superiority in MIDNIGHT SUN because element is one of the greatest displays of power in the World. 
Create a champion fit to your play style and battle tactic using which you will easily come out on top in fierce battles versus other players all over the world! 
Prove your warriors worth and achieve top lines in ranking! 

Key features:

- Spectacular turn based fights on 3 beautiful battle arenas;
- Real time PVP system;
- Realistic 3D effects make the game one of the most beautiful in fighting genre on mobile devices;
- 6 different elemental warriors fight each other using unique battle mechanics;
- Every attack bears special negative effects;
- Tactics are created by different attack combinations;
- Diverse potion beverage assortment supplement battle tactics; 
- 5 masteries with multiple upgrades increasing fighters characteristics;
- Great selection of magic runes with unique capabilities. 

Midnight Sun Gameplay

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