Polygon Real Gangster && Mafia Gods: Thug Life - Android

"Polygon Real Gangster && Mafia Gods: Thug Life" is Open world game in Vegas crime city under mafia gods control in low-poly art style. This is thug life simulator with a Single player offline campaign game mode. Unlimited open world of Los Angeles crime city, where you be able to do anything you wish. 

🎁Game Features:🎁
✔️ AAA console-quality cartoon game.
✔️ Unlimited Los Angeles open world city wars. 
✔️ Many Weapons, guns, armor, and vehicles to use, upgrade and customize!
✔️ Low-poly Stylish 3D Graphics.
✔️ Custom game modes. 
✔️ Epic TPS offline shooting gameplay mechanics.
✔️ Single player offline campaign game
✔️ Car theft, tank theft, theft helicopter!
✔️ Well optimized, even for weak devices. 

Polygon Real Gangster && Mafia Gods: Thug Life

🕹️TPS offline game modes:🕹️
Thug life simulator game has two addictive game modes. In the FREE to PLAY mode, you are not required to carry out any quests or tasks. Theft car, explore Unlimited Los Angeles open world city full of surprises in low-poly art style.
In offline campaign game mode, you will deal serious business and restore order in the Los Angeles crime city. Perform tasks, earning money and experience.
For the game money, you can buy powerful weapons or game boost, which will make the game more addictive.

🗡️Many low-poly weapons to use:🗡️
⭕ Machine gun
⭕ Shotgun
⭕ Pistol
⭕ Rifle
⭕ Sniper rifle
⭕ Hand grenade
⭕ Flamethrower
⭕ Gold desert eagle
⭕ Jetpack

🕴️Mafia Wars:🕴️
To become Polygon real gangster in the open world, you should take control of the Vegas crime city and win in real city wars. Clear Vegas crime city from mafia crime. Fight the mafia gods in thug lifestyle, using everything that will be at hand. You can kill mafia by a car that you theft, shoot mafia gods with any weapon, or arrange a diversion. Theft helicopter from a military base or come on a tankthat you theft. Make it clear who is real gangster and godfather here!

🖼️Stylish 3D Graphics:🖼️
Amazing low-poly poly art crime game with console-quality cartoon Stylish 3D Graphics. Huge block city open world to explore! Look at the "Real Gangster && Mafia Gods" wars from another angle. All our favorite heroes such as Black Lance, Pumped Carl, saint Tommy, godfather Lazlow, gangster Frank become low-poly characters and ready for real city wars.
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