Spot it - Puzzle Android APk


- MULTIPLE UNIQUE LEVELS: Each one a separate, beautiful painting
- INTUITIVE MECHANICS: Spot the differences and mark them on the screen!
- USE POWER-UPS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE: Stop the timer, get quick hints and more!
- NEW LEVELS AVAILABLE IN UPDATES: The game will keep on evolving!

Spot it - Puzzle invites you to explore its beautiful, memorable locales with approachable yet challenging gameplay! The game is easy to grasp regardless of your gaming experience and will keep you returning to its challenges!

Prove your puzzle-solving skills! Inspect the presented images carefully and identify all of the differences between them. They can be as big as a mountain and as small as a single leaf. More importantly, the differences change between subsequent approaches, so you can never be fully prepared for what’s to come.

In later levels the difficulty increases with more differences to spot in a limited amount of time. Additionally, the game introduces new surprises that change up the gameplay and make you rethink your strategy.

With multiple levels available for launch and more coming up in the future, Spot It - Puzzle is sure to give you challenge and entertainment for a long time!

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