Crazy Drifting |Police Car Driving Academy|Simulation|Android Gameplay HD

                                 Police Car Driving Academy

                                     Android Game

Police Car Driving Academy is a brand new, car driving skills game, go to top speeds and burn rubber as you pull off amazing drifts in real police cars, AVAILABLE NOW, FOR FREE!

Be the best police car driver, learn all the tricks of the trade and become the star pupil of the driving academy. Perform special police maneuvers, slalom through cones, drift around tracks, and master the moves that only real professionals can do. As you progress through the ranks of the police academy, you'll be able to unlock and drive faster, more powerful police cruisers.
Perform skilled maneuvers like handbrake turns, J-turns, reverse driving (driving around a course backwards), weaving between cones, and more with special flares to signify what skill to do!
With our latest game, you'll experience and simulate realistic car driving, with a slight over-steer you can really let the back of your police car slide and get the best drift using handbrake turns. In Police Car Driving Academy, perfect how to become a skilled police officer with all the tricks to be the best driver on the roads

       Download link are available in the video description
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