George of the Jungle Owie Owie|Walkthrough|Android/ios|Gameplay HD

                George of the Jungle Owie Owie

                                                              Android Game

George of the Jungle is back and he needs your help! Owie Owie fever has turned once friendly and collectible light bugs into a bloodthirsty army. Climb as high as you can, making sure that you watch out for that tree (and that rock, and those thorns, and that bat). How high can you get?

• 4 separate worlds: Jungle, Waterfall, Thicket and a *gasp* mystery level!
• Awesome ragdoll action. Watch George smash into everything when he falls!
• Slo-mo! Watch bonecrushing hits in super slow motion at the touch of a button.
• Share your fails and best scores with your friends and challenge them!
• Time of day play! Try playing at night for a tougher challenge… and greater rewards!
• Achievements! Over 30 of them!
• Costumes! Dress George up as a Grandma! Seriously!
• Friends! Find Shep, Ape, Magnolia and even Tookie-Tookie to get their unique powers!
Powerups! Collect light bugs to get epic abilities:
• Bug Bonus
• Jungle Jet
• Bugshield
• Locust Lottery
• Tree Hugger
• Sticky Boots
• Steel boots
        Download link are available in the video description

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