50 Miles-Racing-Android Gameplay HD

                                50 Miles

                                                            Android Game

Have you ever imagined to go across US continent with an attractive super car? 
Run on a country lane in Japan riding a classic car sometimes. 
Possess a house accompanied with swimming pool and an open car. 

You will begin galloping to blow out the troublesome thinking while cutting across slow cars as if being crazy.

Welcome to '50 MILES'. Now, you will join the transcontinental racing! Let me guide you before you start this game

Features of 50 Miles
- 21 kinds of tracks that expressed different weather and time.
- 28 kinds of cars
- If your level goes up, the cargo and clothing are changed.
- You can obtain 4 unique cars only by the reward.
- It's hard to see open cars on mobile.
- Achievement system of abundant rewards
- Support the cloud save

             Download link are available in the video description

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