New China Bus 3D|Simulation|Android Gameplay HD

                          New China Bus 3D
                                                             Free Android Game
Elevated bus 3d
***Latest futuristic elevated bus***
Drive the world best, first realistic, endless and latest elevated bus to make your transport easy. Get ready to ride on the modern bus in every road of the city without worrying for the traffic jams. You have chance to get this latest elevated technology. Your aim is to pic the passengers from check points or signals and drops them to their destination. Enter into your new airborne elevated bus, ride in city and feel like fly in the air. This is the next new generation idea for the passengers and its better than other transport. You need expertise to ride this new purposed simulation bus concept. This is the first ever new simulation concept, that’s you never seen before

Do You Like New Driving Adventure Ideas

Are you a fan of the bus driving? Here is some striking news for you. We are ready to change a new idea of elevated bus.

This is the new traditional bus game to drive on the road in latest style like china and other euro countries.

It’s a time to drive realistic bus drive with amazing city adventure. Control and drive the new luxury transit elevated bus 3d.

Experience the new amazing graphics and drive the modern big air bus around the city. Enjoy this realistic simulator and exciting game play.

This is the new game idea of buses on play store. Drive your Bus on the highway and control the Steering to drop the passengers around. 

*** Futuristic 'straddling bus' that’s hit the road***

The transit elevated bus is a proposed, newborn idea with a guided control above the traffic. This is the first epic bus model designed by the chines architect. This bus has a fixed route and track, and its passenger’s compartment spans the width of two traffic lanes. Through this bus you can move towards your destination in less time on above the vehicles. Ride on this bus and feel a new flying experience. This bus has electrically powered technology and using overhead lines. 

Get maximum passengers, drive above the traffic and vehicles, reach to the final destination and feel the new experience. You can visit many cities and countries through this elevated simulation bus. This is the next generation bus and better then the double decker bus. The biggest advantage of the bus in this game is that the bus will save the lots of road space. 
It is also known as 3d express bus, transit bus 3d, land air bus, straddling bus, and amazing tunnel bus
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