Shark Sniping 2016 Let's play Free Android Gaming HD

                       Shark Sniping 2016
                                                         (free android game)

Kill All Angry Sharks and Save jet-ski rider in vast sea environment!
Hey you shooting lovers out there!!
Be a shark hunter, kill all the sharks & save jet-ski rider!!
This Sniping Adventure takes you to the vast ocean where you can hunt all crazy sharks attacking jet-ski riders. Play as a shark shooter and clear the sea full with crazy sharks. Shark Sniping 2016 is a new label in real hunting and shooting experience which you ever played. Those peoples who cannot risk their life hunting crazy sea sharks can enjoy real hunting experience by playing this real life game.
Endeavor into the vast sea and go aboard on a grand hunting journey in the land of sharks. You are a brave Shark Hunter on a mission to save Ski-rider attacked by angry sharks in amazing sea environment. You have to hunt down all sharks and others sea creature and save jet-ski rider that’s your ultimate goal. Use advance weapons like Beretta, UMP, 9MM and the AK-47 rifle for instant kill & special high power bullets for a greater effect!

This ultra-fun challenging Shooting experience is in your hands now. This sniping adventure bring you another action packed shooting game, this game will make you addicted to this Shooting mania.

Features of Shark Sniping 2016:
• Easy and Smooth controls to enhance your shooting experience.
• Stunning 3D Graphics depicting Ocean/Beach Environment.
• Mission to save a Jet-Ski rider from crazy Sharks
• Smooth, easy and Addictive game play.
• Number of weapons to choose from including MP5, Beretta, UMP, 9MM, and the AK-47 rifle etc.
• Unique weapons Upgrade feature
• Amusing sounds and 3D graphics.
• Real life Shooting/hunting experience.
Install! Play! Become Shark hunter & Save Lives
   Download link are available in the video description

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