Farm Truck 3D: Potatoes | Simulation | Android / iOS Game

                   Farm Truck 3D: Potatoes

Welcome to Farm Truck 3D: Potatoes!
In this Potatoes edition of Farm Truck 3D you'll learn how to transport potatoes to different locations on the farm! Transporting Potatoes is not always easy, you have to drive reverse into tiny spots for

example. Also you need to look out for all the objects on the farm, the sheds and walls for example. To finish a level you first have to attach the trailer, to do that follow the red arrows. After you've attached the trailer, you have to load the trailer with potatoes. To load the trailer, you have to follow the blue arrows to the loading place. The trailer will load automatically. After the trailer is loaded, you have to park your farm truck and trailer, to do that follow the yellow arrows.

Farm Truck 3D: Potatoes features:

- Farm environment

- Cab view with side mirrors

- Google Play Games

- 15 levels

- Easy truck controls

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