Thodari Official Game/Frist Look/Android-iOS Gameplay HD

                    Thodari Official Game

This is contest enabled game! Play & Be top 3 scorers then Win FREE RECHARGE and many more from Thodari team!!
Duronto Express a train from Delhi to Chennai started on time witch all passengers including 

A Cafeteria worker Dhanush and Young beautiful girl Keerthi! Suddenly the train is hijacked with the unknown gang of deadly hijackers, you must play as Dhanush and fight with all hijackers and finish them to save your Keerthi along with all passengers in the train. You are on top of the train and hijackers attacking you from both the end and you start kick them away from train, you can punch, kick and do other several stunts available in the game. There are 2 modes of the game, one is time trail with 10 levels and each level has a set of enemies target with limited time and hence you have to finish them within mentioned time in order to move on to the next level. You can restore your health by picking up health packs. Once you finish all 10 levels then “Endless Mode” will be unlocked where you can fight in endless mode and score will be depends on how much time you survive to fight and how many enemies you kill! Be a top scorer and start play official Dhanush’s Thodari Game


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