Timun Mas Saga-Walkthrough Android-iOS Gameplay HD

                         Timun Mas Saga

Timun Mas is a girl born from cucumber fruit grown by a couple of farmers at the behest of giant monsters. But with the condition after the age of 17, Timun Mas must be returned to the giant monster.
After 17 years, giant monsters come to reclaim Timun Mas. But Timun Mas fight. Capitalize magic weapons such as salt, chili, cucumber seeds and shrimp paste, Timun Mas successful have defeated the giant monster?
Lets help Timun Mas to defeat giant monsters in the Timun Mas Saga
This is a side scrolling action adventure game with characters Timun Mas derived from folklore Indonesia.
- Salt
- Chili
- Cucumber Seeds
- Shrimp Paste


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