Car Crash Derby 2016 Android -iOS Game

This car was made for crashin This car was made for me

Get ready to cause some DAMAGE! Car crash derby is your only chance to go ROGUE with absolutely no rules or limits! It’s all about destruction in this scenic demolition arena. Emerge the last survivor in your field of opponents. Smash and hit other derby vehicles, obliterating them to pieces! Out-race and dodge notorious monsters like the Yeti and slicing obstacles ready to smash you to debris! Pick the most stylish derby from the bunch for engine, handling & health upgradeable features. Cause mayhem with the radar to locate your opponent’s car and destroy them. Check back every day and claim your daily reward to unlock advanced crashing features for maximum thrill. Can you keep up?

Car Crash Derby 2016 Features:
•Two modes for maximum thrill.
•5 Amazing Car Textures to choose from.
•Dazzling Visual and Sound Effects.
•Real car crash physics with smooth controls.
•Nerve-wracking demolition adventure.
•Monster characters.
•GPS map to locate enemies.
•Improve your car performance and strength through upgrades.
•Choose from 3 control options to suit your driving style e.g. Touch, Tilt, & Steering.
•Various Awesome Derby Demolition environments.


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