Drifting BMW 3 | Racing | Android/iOS Gameplay HD

Experience the both realistic and fun drift controls of the game with 10 of the most iconic bimmers.
Adjust your ride height, front and rear camber, wheel offset, and purchase different factory and aftermarket rims, so your ride can really be unique.
In top of selecting from 10 cars, you get to paint them to literally any color you can think of, and stance your ride with different rims and suspension settings.
You can drift on 6 unique tracks and one of them is the famous host of the Drift Competition in Europe: Trackwood.
-Victoria Park
You get points based on your speed and angle, so try to hit higher speed drifts for more points. You earn money at the end of each round accourding to your score. You can spend money on purchasing the 10 cars, customizing them and unlocking tracks

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