Chhota Bheem Talking Toy Android Gameplay Trailer

Your Favorite Chhota Bheem is now available as a Digital Toy 
Play with Chhota Bheem, Make Him Dance, Play Nursery Rhymes, Play Musical Instruments, Feed
Chhota Bheem, Brush his teeth, Give him a bath and Put him to Sleep. 
    Dress up Bheem in his many avatars.
    Travel to various destinations.

     Introducing Dancing Chhota Bheem
-   Tap on the Ipod in the Living Room (Home Screen) to have Bheem play his favorite tunes (5      Seconds) and Dance to them
Introducing the Nursery Room
- Play your favorite tunes like Twinkle Twinkle, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Itsy Bitsy Spider
- Learn how to count in English
Introducing the Music Room
- Chhota Bheem plays his favorite tunes on his Keyboard and Xylophone, Play along with him
Special Feature - Holi Room
- Celebrate Holi with Chhota Bheem with the special holi room and new toys the pichkari and water balloons
Toys in the Living Room
Chhota Bheem enjoys his Football, His Cricket Kit , A Bubble Blower and his Party Whistle
- Level Up and Unlock multiple food items
- Get more food items from the Food Store
- Bheem can brush his teeth and take a shower
- Bheem goes to sleep when switching off the lights
- Added Facebook integration to get your profile pic
- Allowing facebook also gets you a free character "Chhota Bheem – Holi costume”
- Choose your favorite Chhota Bheem Avatar
- Select a new Home theme A Royal Theme, A Cricket Theme or Holi
- Claim Mystery Boxes after visiting some special locations worldwide
- Learn how to count in Hindi when you visit the Taj Mahal
- Learn how to count in French when you visit the Eiffel Tower


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