Police Horse: Prison Escape | iOS/Android Gameplay HD

Get ready for your police prison duty to stop the prisoner escape mission in the police horse chase crime city with the most realistic police horse simulator. This is one of the best police horse games, designed especially for the lovers of prison break games. Ride on your athletic police horse simulator and halt the prisoner escape mission. You have to perform your police prison duty carefully in the challenging environment of police horse chase crime city. Our prison escape game is unique among all the prison break games because of its arduous environment and exigent levels. So try our POLICE HORSE: PRISON ESCAPE game, which is incomparable to all other police horse games.
• The basic mission of the game is to catch the prisoners trying to escape from the prison premises by riding your police horse.
• 5 challenging levels
• Use the jump icon to make your horse simulator jump when needed
• Use the attack icon to attack the running prisoner with your horse simulator
• Buy your favorite horses after earning money on the completion of every level
• Attack the running prisoner three times to decrease his health bar to zero
• Obtain the stamina boosters placed in the environment for your horse otherwise the horse will run out of stamina and you’ll lose the mission
• Follow the highlighted arrow to find the target prisoners
• Catch the prisoners within the provided time and don’t let them win in their prison escape mission
• Awesome 3d graphics

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