Secret Agent Elite Spy Mission | Android / iOS Gameplay HD

World’s top secret service agency has hired you as a secret agent spy with the sole intention of guarding nation security. Welcome Agent X! You have to unravel enemy’s secret army missions and make their army attack plans unsuccessful with your stealth missions in this spy stealth game. Trained as ghost in public for secret missions, strike your opponent deadly force and vanish in split seconds. Your sneak skills will be crucial in a challenging spy stealth game. Operate under the radar, move from shadow to shadow, leave no evidence of your movement. When you infiltrate into the enemy’s army base building, watch out for the guards & stealth sniper, avoid deadly laser alarms, plant the bombs and use your elite spy skills to complete your stealth mission game. Your secret service agency intelligence office will provide you information on required stealth operations. You, as an elite spy secret agent, will keep the stealth mode on, execute the spy mission & preempt opponent’s counter attack, while backing your fellow spy agent and protecting them from getting dishonored by the enemy. You, Agent X, also need to ensure zero civilian casualty as part of the secret spy game. So gear up as stealth spy and exterminate their establishments including army base building, blacklist locations, army training camps, control rooms, other infrastructure and vehicles to seize their movement. Additionally, being a secret agent rescue lead, you will crush dangerous terrorist cells and their splinter groups and rescue civilian hostages from death traps.

You have huge responsibilities as professional trained spy on your shoulders and room for error does not exist. National security is at stake and only the top stealth spy can manage this dangerous operation. The secret service agency believes that you are the best spy agent for spy mission. And your intelligence office is equipped to give you the relevant classified reports. You might have planned elite spy assassin mission in other secret agent spy games but the level of hurdles and constant stealth mode required to excel in this stealth game is surely unmatched. So if you can handle the pressure and excitement of devising your own secret mission, download the stealth mission game and exterminate your enemy. No hand grenades, bombs, artillery shells or any army attack can stop the secret spy exterminator in you now.
Features of Secret Agent Spy Army Mission:
- Engaging stealth mission games experience through a real spy gameplay
- Challenging secret agent rescue missions
- Multiple hurdles including enemy patrollers, terrorists, stealth sniper and lethal laser alarms for players who love secret agent mission 3d games
- Detailed secret agent 3D model with complete combat gears and detailed environment including rival army training cells
- Amazing explosion animations for different dynamite time bombs
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