Secret Agent Gangster Brawl - Android Gameplay Trailer [HD]

You are chosen to restore balance to the world and secure national assets by performing secret agent missions encounter the evil of the world in this game. As a Brave agent soldier you have to sneak into enemies place where they have kept another spy member. During this secret agent gangster brawl game you will face multiple challenges. Many spy cameras are installed in the building, which you have to break first so that you can Get into the criminal squad city building. Then you have to hack gangsters' computer to get insights about their secret criminal activities. Enemy secret agent service spy agency plans a network hack to stealing sensitive gangster information by decoding the encrypted data in Dean office system. Kill the terrorist gangster splinter groups from stealing information and selling to crime syndicate. Eliminate the terrorists cell members and save innocent hostages of city in secret emergency situation. Agent Max went deep cover to collect evidence against deadly evil forces that are experimenting citizen with inhuman ways . After physical and mental rough hard time struggle he the swat agent managed to collect intense evidence from the system killing all the terrorists and their mobster gang members who are connected all the way up to crime syndicate chain in this stealth survival game.

In this secret agent gangster brawl action packed game you encounter a hostage situation, secret documents retrieving from the hard drive guarded by criminals, attack terrorists with assault rifles and batons. Sneak through the lasers and CCTV cameras and breaking into the hotel hosting the crime Experience and the enemies of the state. Experience the drive of boat to the lake house, cracking the master plan of terrorists creating chaos in the city, drive car to multiple locations in this city game in search of secret information, secure info and kill all The terrorists
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