US Army Prison Survival Game / Android Gamepaly Trailer HD

Upon false accusation you are sentenced to life time jail for the crimes you didn’t commit in unique prison escape game. Use US army training school skills and plan a prison break strategy with extreme agility. Escape close surveillance camera, murder cops and bribe security guards to escape room & run to save your life in extreme prison survival game. Use elite sneaky skills, move shadow to shadow and hide yourself behind walls to escape from prison hard life. Dodge police officer, avoid sniper shooter & manipulate army sergeant in Alcatraz jail premises to find way to prison escape on Survival Island. Snap jail warden necks to get key, unlock doors like hitman or ninja warrior give hard time to army soldiers in combat fighting. Keep an eagle eye on patrolling guards, beware of moving cameras with laser light. Sneak behind jail guards, don’t make noise. Hack password and delete your criminal record from army prison system. Infiltrate army prison control room, hack security door pin code before jail officers catch you in assassination missions. Don’t be hopeless, quit unimaginable jail by executing your prison escape plan.

In this adventurous prison escape simulator, unlock bars and doors. Survive the prison, fight against deadly counter attacks of army soldiers. Use baseball bat and crowbar to hit army guards and security guards in daring survival escape game. Climb on walls like ninja assassin in stealth mode but beware of rooftop sniper shooter aiming to kill shot prisoners like you. There is CCTV camera surveillance at every room escape, dodge cameras and Swat police forces to help your hardcore cell inmates jail break with you in challenging escape simulator. Manipulate jailers, get cell keys to unlock doors and pick lock in amazing prison game. This jail simulator has maximum security and escaping jail from such a tough prison could be a dream. In this challenging prison game, spare no mercy on army soldier guards, kill them with baseball bat in cold blood who lockdown you in deadly cage. The enemy army is equipped with all dangerous weapons, assault rifles and sniper gun. Walk in dark shadows to escape from high security and laser lights. If you are watched by moving cameras or laser detection, burglar alarm will activate and patrolling guards will get you in thrilling jail escape 3D prison game. Enjoy the best stealth mode escape game on your Android phones, face US army soldiers on intense survival island.

US Army Prison Survival Game features:
★ 10 challenging jail escape missions to run & survive in tough prison game.
★ Play as hardcore prisoner in superb prison survival jail simulator.
★ Kill cops, murder army soldiers and fight in stealth mode for survival in prison game.
★ Use weapons like baseball bat, knife for survival in adventurous jail game.
★ Immersive jail game environment and real life prison escape sound effects

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