Demolition Derby School Bus Android Game

Get ready for a fiery display of destruction and "legal road rage" in School Bus Demolition Derby

Play as a brave driver as these sturdy large machines tear into each other. Smash and destroy rival buses to disable them while sustaining minimal damage to your own vehicle, over and over again until you’re the last one standing! School Bus Demolition is an absolutely thrilling and action packed big-moto carnage game, where your skills are tested to the extreme with speed driving and recklessness

Demolition Derby: School Bus Features:
•Nerve wrecking high speed demolition action.
•Real-time vehicle destruction and damage.
•Surreal visual effects.
•Realistic Vehicle Physics and smooth controls.
•Choose your favorite school bus model.
•Improve your vehicle's performance and strength through upgrades
•Choose from 3 control options to suit your driving style
•Awesome environments: Derby Arena, Roof Top Helipad

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