Offroad Luxury Driving Sim 3D | Android Gameplay

Welcome to offroad luxury driving Sim 3D. In this simulation game which we can claim to be the best 4x4 and 6x6 luxury vehicle game of not only year 2017. New simulation game luxury 4x4 Car and start driving in an environment which comprises of city and the hilly areas. You will forget all the previous 6x6 or 4x4 vehicles played earlier by you. All the vehicles you have driven before, be it heavy trucks, tankers, SUVs, trailers, army jeeps, police vans, prados, sports cars or any other sort of SUV vehicle, this luxury 4x4 Prado will surely be the above all and most loved vehicle for you.

Experience the real off Road Mountain driving simulator game with smooth steering controls of Monster Trucks, 4x4 SUVs and heavy 4x4 Jeeps.Can you cross every jump perfectly, drift accurately, and complete the tasks within time limits without damaging your SUV Jeep & monster truck? Smart use of the Handbrake will give you the perfect control over the crucial point competitions.
Racing on the city roads require some responsibility on the part of driver. There are some vehicles which must be noticed and respected during driving process. Official vehicles, ambulances and army vehicles must be given way before we take the way. Also environmental conditions such as heavy and extreme weather conditions also stop an adventurous racer to drive patiently.
Features of 4x4 Luxury Prado Driving
- New and latest Model of Luxury Car and Jeeps.
- New Environment and Best Graphics.
- Great off road Environment.
- Speed Up Booster             


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