Cargo Ship Construction Crane | Free Download | Android Game

Shout out to all heavy construction workers. Are you the heavy construction worker that can handle all heavy construction vehicles? Can you stand long and hard 70+ hours working weeks? The construction firm is looking for some raw talent that can help out getting the extra work done. Drive real construction cranes, heavy construction trucks and much more.. 

Enjoy driving around in big heavy construction vehicles and many beautiful maps. This construction crane simulator with big heavy trucks will keep you entertained for many hours. With each level you finish there will be some new extra fun features that will will rock your world. So hard worker…. Climb your crane, start your cargo truck and load your special cargo making sure you deliver the goods in time. 

Heavy Cargo Ship Construction Crane

✔ experience cutting edge cargo ship crane graphics 
✔ ground breaking heavy city truck simulator physics
✔ adrenaline-filled heavy construction simulator excitement
✔ detailed and complex heavy vehicles to unlock and collect 
✔ real world big heavy construction vehicle sounds
✔ stunning city maps and construction scene dynamic maps 
✔ real world big heavy vehicle sounds


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