Download Siege of Heroes Ruin For (Android / iOS )Game's

Plunge into the world of epic fantasy wars with Siege of Heroes! Pick out one of four heroes and fight against the evil acolytes of the Demon. Protect your base: slash dragons, destroy the dead, and crumble gargoyles into dust. Win and save the world or lose and become just another Demon’s prey

- Heroes

You have four heroes at command with their own unique and distinctive skills. Power, Magic, Agility, and Speed. It’s up to you to decide what skill set you are going to use in the next battle. Level your heroes up and make them stronger by getting new clothes and weapons that will help you win. Swords, blades, cloaks, and magic artifacts. All of this and more to make your hero invincible

- Mission

Your major goal is to protect the base from hoards of enemies sent by the evil Demon. But remember about surviving yourself in the first place while trying to save the world

- Powers

Meteor shower your enemies to death, skewer them with falling blades, flak explosive bullets at them from long distances, and inflict endless series of multiple hits! Your hero gains experience and money for killing enemies. Spend it to get gear, bonuses, and perks that make you stronger.

- Genre

The game is wicked a mixture of RPG, hero defense, tower defense, and survival genres. But it is not simply an awesome mixture, there’s something more to it. Siege of Heroes is all the best elements from these genres in one game.

- Incredible graphics

The excellent graphics will make you remember this mesmerizing fantasy world for a long time and turn playing into something breath-taking

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