Jurassic Spinosaurus Simulator( iOS/Android )Game

Welcome to the wonderful prehistoric world Live a life of a popular carnivorous monster–Spinosaurus. Run through the forests and plains, hunt different animals and dinos, feed on herbivores, raise up nestlings and have fun with Jurassic Spinosaurus Simulator

Become one of the most aggressive and fast dinos from contemporary movies. Attack every predator instead of being attacked! You can battle even with Trex–the most popular dinosaur ever. Meet with other velociraptors, make friends with them or fight – this choice is up to you. Find your mate and give birth to your own little dinos.

Prevent the extinction of these beautiful monstrous creatures - protect your nest from cruel devastators like Velociraptors or Carnotaurs! Kill every prehistoric creature that appear near your nest.

Hunt for different animals and dinos, use your stealth skill to stalk all your victim and be really blazing during your attack. Don’t forget to mind your health and hunger indicators–if one of them drops, you will find yourself staring over the edge! Be the hungry reptile looking for the food – Stegosaurus, Iguanodon or Parasaurolophus are your real victim

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