Extreme City Real Racing | Download | Android

xtreme City Real Racing is the best car racing simulator of 2017, thanks to its progressive real behavior engine. Be a furious racer on an entire city for you. Not essential to brake because of traffic or racing other rival cars, so you can do illegal stunt actions and run full speed wanting the police chasing you! The blazing nitrous from your sports car is the heart touching effect when your car will drive fast or faster. Road is awesome and obstacles are also placed in your way. Get ready for the burnout and fasten your seat belt for making the extreme and unbelievable stunts this game is a thrill for racing lovers. When your car will drift you can see the skate marks on the roads and the tubes. This game is included in the top free games also this game is the time-killing activity.

In this game the paths or tracks are placed in the air upon the city the sudden moves will appear to control your race and brake for better driving, nitrous is auto and placed in the different positions where the nitrous will be needed. You are competing with the top racers in this world and all the supercars are added in this game. Try to avoid dropping from the tracks and be the winner of each race and get rewarded for unlocking all the cars. In this game, the dozens of levels and many sports cars are included. The first car will be unlocked and the rest of the cars are locked you can unlock them from the XPS point which you will earn after completing the levels or you can simply buy all the cars from In-App purchases in just 2.99 $.


♂️ Multiple cars to unlock and customize 
♂️ Enjoy 6 different car models. 
♂️ Experiment with colors and designs 
♂️ Engine, nitro boost, and braking.
♂️ Level-based episodes 
♂️ Free arcade and time trial modes for endless fun. 
♂️ Multiple high-speed cars with ultra smooth and realistic controls 


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