Future Truck Transport | Truck Driving Game | Android


A realistic cargo truck driving in the city of skyscrapers and high rising buildings such as European or Asian country is dream of every truck driver. Future Truck Transport will make you feel like in the cockpit of a futuristic USA vehicle.
Drive this realistic future truck in beautifully decorated high rise city roads and enjoy the thrills of exciting driving skills on roads. Drive your Euro rather Eurasia Future Trucks in New York City and park on the location displayed by a beautiful Revolving Glow. Feel like a truck driver of long 18 wheeler or multi wheeler simulator truck. As a transporter, deliver expensive and luxurious limousines, cars, heavy bikes and oil trucks to destinations. Play to enjoy most beautiful city and likes of New York and Paris roads as well as beauty of Suez Canal in one game. The blue water of Suez Canal will make you astonished. 


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