Super Transporter Truck 2017 - Download Android Game

Travel across Europe and USA as king of the transporter truck simulator, a trucker who delivers important and big cargo transport across impressive distances. From heavy duty truck parking and multilevel cargo truck simulator to transport big cargo, from grand truck, euro truck, 18 wheelers, multi truck and many more, your pro transport truck driver endurance, truck driving skills, and super transporter truck speed will all be pushed to their max limits. If you’ve got what it takes to be part of an elite cargo truck simulator force, get behind the wheel of an extreme truck and prove it. Enough of car transporter games now its time to transport euro truck in this super transporter truck 2017. This is not a typical lorry truck, It’s a very expensive luxury vehicle so drive safe. An Addition in transport business like bus transporter.

The makers of “X ray robot transport truck” “Bus Transporter truck 2017” & “Army Prisoner Transport Plane”; Brilliant Gamez the transport tycoon proudly presents you the first truck transport simulator game. With long haul trucks, American truck, euro truck and many heavy truck trailer all ready and set to be transported to different corners of the worlds, from the breath taking sites of Europe, to the mesmerizing and uphill off-road states of USA.

For all the cargo transport driver, car cargo transporter & pro truck drivers this truck simulator game offers you the most captivating trailer truck simulator experience. Truck Transporter Truck 2017 puts you in the seat of big cargo driver, to enjoy transportation of highly detailed trucks like 18 wheelers, heavy truck, big rig truck and many more; while after car cargo transporter now giving you a chance to make your own big cargo truck transport empire. 

Drive cargo transporter freight to many different cities in realistic truck transporter vehicles. Pick up a variety of cargo truck like semi truck, multi truck etc. and deliver them on time safe and sound. Truck Transporter Truck 2017 offers you highly realistic models of transport truck so that you can experience the life of a pro truck driver transporting heavy duty truck. 

Each cargo transport trailer truck level offers you a variety of heavy trucks, like long haul, big cargo truck, American truck, semi truck and many more; delivering each to their requested area. With Truck Transporter Truck 2017 it’s time to get ready for the trucking experience of your life, with series of challenges that puts you and your extreme truck to the ultimate trucker test. Through all the trucking and extreme trucker challenge you will have to work in perfect harmony with your transport truck to reach your destination safely. This is the new era to transport big cargo trucks instead of car cargo transport or robot transport.


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