Download Warfare Strike For Android by MABIN GAMES

Conquer the chaos world and adventure in Warfare Strike - a new SLG multiplayer war game that you can unit with global allies and enjoy the new experience of battle with players all over the world. 
Build grandiose cities and recruit mighty armies to defend your homeland against other commanders' invasion. Are you ready to join this epic battle to control your world? Manage your base's resources and build up your army to become the strongest commander in that chaos world

*Modern Warfare With Diversity Units
Training the most advanced modern military units, they play a very important role in realizing your ambition – Conquer the World!

*Multiplayer Online Battle
Multiplayer PVP online against worldwide players in the stunning strategy game. Defend your city by forming the strongest army. The world is of your hands

*Real-time Strategy and Build Your Own World
Build and develop your Base to facilitate troop’s need and improve the city development. Training advanced units to defend your city from other commander’s invasion. Win or nothing.

*Battle and Chat With Worldwide Players
Chat with millions of online players over the world, you can share everything with them and have fun there. Join this big family and unit with global players to battle together


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