Hop's Journey | Download | For Android Game

Hop's Journey is a blend of platforming and puzzles, ranging from very simple to quite challenging for even the most seasoned robots.

This game works best on Android 5 and up. Due to hardware limitations, it can crash on older devices. This is not due to any programming errors, some devices simply do not have enough memory to run all parts of the game. I did not block any devices from installing however, because I figured it's a free game, so there's no harm in letting you try to run it on an older device. Worst case scenario you can uninstall it and try it again the next time you upgrade your phone or tablet. This game was made just for fun by two man team of guys who both have day jobs. Because of this, we don't have the resources or expertise to deploy different versions for different devices. Sorry for the inconvenience. Enjoy


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