Super Happy Party Minigames | Multiplayer | iOS & Android Game

Who is the best gamer in the family? 
These fun family games will test your skill with easy games, hard games and impossible games.

Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister or you? This game will test all of your skills and find out who is the best gamer.So you maybe the best gamer at home and beat the family but can you rise up the leaderboard and beat the best gamers in the World?

Super Happy Party is designed to test your real gaming skills. Each minigame features a different gaming skill, swipe, tap, repeat, find, react. Can you unlock and beat all of the minigames. Sure you’ll get through the tutorial, easy games and medium levels. But can you beat the hard games? Many players call it the impossible game.

You’ll earn happiness and can spend it on accessories, costumes and rewards. That you can show off to your friends that you are the best gamer.

We’ll help you, we’ll give you free gems and extra lives. All you have to do is beat all of the minigames.

With a special Party mode so that you can challenge your friends and family, all on the same device. Multiplayer games have never been so much fun for all of the family.

Play with all of the family on your phone and tablet. Up to 8 players can play at the same time as you try to become the winner of the party. With additional mini-games designed for two players, families will have a lot of fun playing together.

Join the Party now.

★ Beat all of the mini-games to earn happiness, the games start off easy but get much harder the further you get
★ Earn happiness to unlock extra minigames, accessories and items for the beach party
★ Unlock accessories to customise your game characters
★ Make the Party even happier by upgrading items for the beach.
★ Challenge your friends and family with Party mode. Up to 8 players all competing on the same device with special 2 player mini games
★ 3 levels of difficulty to unlock so the game will be enjoyed by all of the family


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