PullBalls Physics Brain Puzzle | Android / iOS

In PullBalls the rule is very simple, you must use your wits to release pink balls suspended by rubber lines in various positions and schemes.

To do that you have 2 types of lines that can be freely drawn on screen: Yellow lines that add weight and Blue lines that are fixed.

Surround pink balls in Yellow lines to add weight and make them fall but be sure to estimate how much line you're using as that's in limited amounts as you can see in this demo

[Main Features]

- Physics gameplay. PullBalls features a physics-based gameplay where the goal is to cut all rubber lines connecting pink balls. Use your finger to freely draw heavy lines (Yellow) or fixed lines (Blue) to solve each physics puzzle. Plan ahead, as the amount of Yellow/Blue lines is limited.

- Clean graphics. The design is minimalist keeping the focus on the actual gameplay. Enjoy simple colored levels, objects and animations with material-design style while focusing on finding solutions for each level.

- Multiple levels. PullBalls has 120 re-playable levels that increase in difficulty as you solve one and advance to the other. Each level offers a unique puzzle and you must free the pink balls to score and advance on to the next level.

- Share your achievements. Once you've completed a level you can share a photo of your achievement with friends to challenge them. PullBalls also offers the option to snap a photo during the play, in case you get stuck and want to ask for help


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