Super Smashball / Android Game / Download

In the realm of the dead, you must smash your way out to free your soul. Spin the ball faster for more destructive power. Smashing skulls has never been more fun.

This unique action adventure game features the centripetal force of physics. Using this fun new play mechanic you journey through the underworld to unlock the deepest secrets and ultimately the ball and chain that binds you.

There are two modes of play:

Endless Fight

Here you battle waves of skeletons and ferocious monsters hellbent on keeping your soul bound. Through these endless battles build up the spin energy to increase your destructive force. In this world destruction often could lead to reward Collect the treasures dropped by your shattered enemies and use them to upgrade your ball of destruction.

All leveling and upgrades can be brought into the Story Mode.

Unlock the Story Mode:

What is the origin of the spinning ball and chain?

Find out in this epic journey across time and space and the land of the dead. Explore the hidden dimension of the underworld and seek your redemption. Fight to solve your own mystery of who you are, why your soul is bound to the ball and chain


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