Vegas Mad City Gangster Life / Android Game

Vegas Mad City Gangster game brings the underworld downtown streets of Vegas to life in crime simulator. The war against mad city gangster has begun, become legendary criminal lord of mafia city and take revenge of your father death. Build reputation of real gangsta in the crime town new Vegas city. As a deadly criminal lord put up your offense within this mafia city. The streets of new Vegas are full of deadly Gangs, Mobsters, Cops, and other Scums. As a mafia gangster, take fully charged over the area where you can take revenge of your family in action simulator game.

The action in this crime simulator game is involved shooting and killing your rival enemies. This action simulator game is awesome not only for the weapon shot but the way you can fight to kill mafia family. Prove yourself as deadly criminal lord and destroy power of other rival mafia squad. Play like mafia godfather, a hitman, a real don. This grand killer legend has been a gang boss for years in the streets of Vegas city. His dangerous attack, shooting, spy assassin and criminal escape skills used to spread terror among mafia agent & police cops. The security forces were working hard to assassinate you for so long. It’s your turn to become the Grand gang Godfather. Shoot to kill police squad with m9 and shot guns, survive to win deadly gang war. Sneak away from brutal attack and police chase gun shot, escape like a real hero and rule underworld downtown streets. Fight to kill all rival mafia squad members and take your revenge like a legendary criminal lord. Enjoy non-stop action game like a mafia gangster.

Be prepared to fight & attack your rival mafia cartel and police squad. Transform the peaceful city into a gangster sin city to take revenge from rival enemies. Meet other notorious grand criminals, fight the brutal targeted missions, escape from the inescapable security police chase and use shooting skills. Run, Fight & shoot to take your revenge from rival mafia cartel and eliminate them from Vegas city. Play non-stop action game against police chase for a greater cause to plan a great crime threat for city before the police squad arrives. Experience an ultimate action simulator packed gang war in a stealth mode like a hero. Sneak, shot and kill to become a killer legend gang boss


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