Hero Force Galaxy War ( Android & iOS ) Game

Welcome to Hero Force Galaxy War

Long ago, humanity as we know it, ceased to be. A massive exodus from earth was put into motion, taking life through a mysterious wormhole into the untold, unexplored, far reaches of the universe. You are a leader, a symbol of survival. It’s up to you to bring your people into a new life.

After a long pilgrimage through the stars, discover a new world to call your very own. Create a settlement on your newfound planet, and watch as your township expands and prospers; attracting space-faring heroes from all over the galaxy just to buy your wares. Craft the best armor, weapons, & trinkets ever seen on this side of the Andromeda Nebula.

But watch out - there’s competition among the stars - Fight for control of precious resource hubs in open space, defending your claims and taking rival nodes by force. Can you handle life at the edge of the galaxy?


- Design, build, expand, and lead your own settlement in the stars.

- Craft and collect cool & unique weapons, armor, trinkets and more.

- Meet 20 travelling Heroes, each with their own distinct personality, skills, and story.

- Take on 50+ single player story missions, featuring strategic combat and character progression.

- Challenge your rival settlements by stealing their supplies while defending your own.

- Occupy and raid precious resource points in open space.

- Compete with your friends in daily and weekly leader boards

- … & more. Discover everything Hero Force has to offer today, for free


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