Pocket Shooter Hardcore - Free 3D FPS Action Android Game | Bad Boss Gameplay

Pocket Shooter Hardcore, a new 2017 free 3D action shooting game comes to mobile and tablets. Game contains lots of fun features like non-stop shooting and powerful weapons: grenades, meteor rain or even nuclear weapon.

Mad Emoji arrive and prepare to invade earth. Machine Gun Boy is the only Hero who can resist and protect the planet. Grab the gun and stop this madness now! What are you waiting for, Machine Gun Boy?


🔫 Use machine gun, meteor rain, bombs or shield to defend yourself against Mad Emoji

🔫 Fight against army of Angry Emoji

🔫 Shoot enemies as quickly as possible and don’t let them to reach


🔫 Shoot Mad Emojis to collect gold coins

🔫 Use Gold Coins to unlock new game missions, crosshairs or acquire weapons

🔫 Easy and user-friendly controls

🔫 Two in-game modes

🔫 Fun and hardcore gameplay suitable for all ages

🔫 One-handed mode


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