Rope Pirate Escape | Adventure | Android | Download

The Captain Greenbeard is an old pirate who sails the seven seas along with his crew: Chip, Blas and Tom. For him the most important are beautiful women, so that everytime they sack a town or find a treasure, this filthy pirate uses his part of the loot for his own ends.

After the captain had left their pirate lifestyle forgotten for too long, the bored crew organized a mutiny and threw their captain off the ship for fun, vengeance and the sake of pirate traditions. Help Greenbeard survive the dangers of the sea! Defeat the horrible and strange monsters that will try to eat him.

Rope Pirate Escape is a fun game that will make you feel like sailing the seas, thanks to its amazing graphics, incredible music that submerge you in the pirate environment and an innovative gameplay that will give you hours of fun.


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