Battle of Arrow on the App Store & Playstore

Aim for the top in global horseback archery duels,

Experience the immersive thrill of gyroscopic action.

Listen up, Rookie! Welcome to the Battle of Arrow, the horseback archery arena where skill (and some grit) is everything. Let me tell you the basics of the duel: Drag the quiver with your fingertips, tilt your device to aim, and release to shoot. Sounds easy, eh? Well I bet you can't do that so easily while riding a horse. Now hop on and start shooting - get ready to take on the world in global real-time duels.


▶ Test your skills in real-time duels against players from all around the globe.

▶ Experience the dynamic thrill of horseback archery duels.

▶ Better concentrate. Unique gyroscopic aiming offers unrivaled immersion

▶ From longbows to dual-wielding hand crossbows pick from 6 unique bow types.

▶ Create your unique combat style by choosing bow type, skill set, and equipment.

▶ Team up with your friends to defeat massively powerful raid bosses


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