Diwnload Battlegrounds Rule : Only One Survival - Android App

Welcome to the stage of Battlegrounds Rule : Only One Survival! Doomsday battle and only one to survive..

The war was escalated and we are outnumbered by the enemy . The whole city has been infected with zombies. And you, as the last hero on the battlefield, you need to save your companions. The helicopter is ready for you, ready to take off. Come and bring your guns, join this war, and take your glory.

This is a stunning 3D ARPG shooting game. In the game, you will play one of the special forces. You need to fight with hordes of zombies, and don't expect weak zombies. You can only count on the gun in your hand and your move. Avoid being hurt by zombies as much as possible. Load, aim, fire, fire, and resolve the fight with the simplest of actions.

Switching between main and secondary weapons proficiently helps you to survive the end of win the final glory. Assault rifles and rifles are powerful. A shotgun can help you clean up an area quickly and beat back all the gathered zombies.

Multiple modes are available. Gold Carnival and hero trials can help you become stronger. This is the hero's training field. Only through the experience of blood and fire test, you can be invincible on the battlefield and survive to the end.

There is no compassion in this battlefield. Power is the only rule. Trying to get an advanced gun can keep you alive longer. There are a lot of weapons to pick up in this battlefield. In addition to the traditional guns, there are also novel guns, lightning, lasers and black holes with science fiction elements. These guns are powerful. The thrill of a kill will surely make you happy in this war, and be the only survivor.

In the game, there are always 1V1 fighting. Life and death is only between one thought. The survivors can only have one, and the others can't escape being eliminated..

Get the strongest guns and train your shooting skills. Live to the end in this field..


Real-time PVP system and gorgeous shooting mode open

Sci-fi elements combined with a powerful zombie wave

Rich story line and mission sense

The fun of establishing an elite team


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