HEIR OF LIGHT - iOS / Android Game (RPG)

A Dark Fantasy, Collectible RPG

Darkness has overtaken the realm, and the world is in chaos. The only hope to restore light and order lies with you, an Heir of Light. Embark on a crusade to renew a hope that has been lost for generations. Ready your weapon and journey to restore the light of the world.


■ Be a Light in the Darkness

- Shine light upon a world shrouded in darkness. The war will only end when light shines upon every inch of the land.

- Expand the territory in any direction you desire.

- Mobs are no longer in your way, Exclusive Boss Battles Only.

■ Collect Masters & Servants

- Form your Crusade among 5 Masters and over 100 Servants.

- Enhance, Evolve, and Awaken to unlock their true potential.

- Diverse Roles for each Masters & Servants: Attack, Defense, Support, Healer.

■ Devise and Strategize

- Your Master is the key of your Crusade, customize your Master's Skills for every battle.

- Unleash Combo Skills powerful beyond measure with perfect Master and Servant pairings.

- Customize your Rune Combination to gain unique Set Effects.

- Couple the various different Skills and Elements to assemble the most strategic Crusade.

■ Heed the Savage Battlefield

- Pulverize your opponents in PvP mode to prove your power.

- Preserve your Towers! Defense is the first step in strategic combat.

- Challenge yourself to various dungeons and earn rare rewards. Godspeed.

■ An Eerie and Mysterious World

- Not just another RPG. Immerse yourself in a magical and mysterious fantasy world.

- Cute yet bizarre, uncanny yet charming. Masters and Servants are ready to accompany you on your journey


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