Oscar the Virtual Cat - Android Game

Meet Oscar, the virtual cat. Take care of Oscar and make him part of your everyday life just like a real life cat.

Oscar the Virtual Cat is hands down the best virtual pet game on the market, with more content than any other pet game.


Multiplayer: Play with up to 4 friends in real-time.

Mining Game: Explore and mine through a whole world.

Platform Game: A complete platform game inside the pet game.

Mini-games: Play one of the 50 mini-games and earn money.

Life-like emotions: Oscar will get happy, sleepy & sad depending on how you treat him.

Nurture: Take care of Oscar by feeding, cleaning, playing with and getting him to sleep when he is tired.

Customize: Dress and choose from over 1.000.000 combinations of dresses, shirts, hats, beards & glasses.

Build: Build the house of your dreams by choosing wallpapers, furnitures and decorations.

Garden: Grow your own flowers, flesh-eating plants and mushrooms in the adorable garden.

Stickers: Find and collect lots of virtual stickers of Oscar doing silly things.

Cards: Unlock collectable and beautiful cards of Oscar.

Music: Create music with the virtual instruments such as: piano, drums & guitar.

Cat evolution: Combine small cats and watch them evolve.

Fish evolution: Travel under the sea and discover thrilling sea creature and breed them.

Paint: Draw beautiful images with over 18 different colors and share them with your friends.

Building Blocks: Play with building blocks and create your own castle.

Aquarium: Take care for fishes and style your own aquarium.


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