City Taxi Cab Driving Simulator Apk Download


Drive real, fast taxi cabs and pick up taxi fares across the city in the most realistic taxi driving simulator available. Drive up to the location of the latest person to pick up and drive as fast as you can to the next destination on time. Experience action-packed taxi cab driving as you race against the clock to collect the tips from passengers in one of the best city taxi games.

Get behind the wheel of some amazing real city taxis. Enjoy realistic taxi car driving as you pick up each new taxi passenger who needs a ride.

Explore and drive around the busy city streets, listen out on the city taxi radio to see when a person needs a lift. Watch out you don't crash into busy oncoming traffic or you'll damage your taxi cab and lose your fare.

Game Features:

- Amazing real taxi cabs vehicles to drive

- Huge open world city environment

- Intelligent A.I. cars and city traffic system

- Collect passengers to unlock more fun gameplay.

- Easy to drive game controls, drive a taxi in both touch and tilt controls

- Realistic city taxi driving physics, for true driving like no other.

Drive real taxi cabs through streets filled with police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, ice cream vans and more to beat the clock. Make multiple taxi fares to get even better taxi cabs, some real horsepower behind the steering wheel.

Experience the latest driving simulation that brings you closer to the real driving of a taxi cab driver. Handle driving taxis at top speeds to get your passenger to their destination in one of the best taxi driving simulators to play right now. Become the best city taxi driver in City Taxi Cab Driving Simulator

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