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"One move forward. One step towards victory."

Chain Strike, a turn-based tactical RPG.

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▣ Game Characteristics ▣

▣ Unlimited strategies and battles played on a chess board

 Play strategic battles using Rook/Bishop/King/Knight/Queen who are now available as RPG characters.

 Place up to 5 Guardians on the best strategic positions to attack simultaneously using a Pincer Attack.

 Enjoy the battle of wits manually or with various auto-battle options provided.

▣ Create your own team to battle against worldwide users using your own strategic plan

 Various Guardians consist of 4 different types (Attack/Defense/HP/Support) and 5 different Directions (Rook/Bishop/King/Knight/Queen) are waiting for you.

 Form the unstoppable team by combining each Guardian's unique skills, traits, and directions.

 Enter the ranking battle to compete with users from all around the world.

▣ Rich content that will take your breath away

 An epic story mode that takes place in the Signus continent.

 Who will be the strongest? Test your strength in the Promotion Battle PvP.

 Enter the Forgotten Tower and attack using all the characters in your possession.

 Go to the Unknown Land where you can acquire various items from a Giant Boss and get stronger.

 Go to the Mysterious Sanctuary where you can acquire valuable equipment.

 The essential way to get stronger. Enter the Hall of Judgment where you can acquire materials for Guardian Awakening.

Meet over 200 attractive characters

- A handful of unique characters that are too unique to miss out.

- Awaken your Guardians to transmogrify them with a new stylish look.

- Create your own favorite character to show off to your Guild members and others in game


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