Russian Car : Super Speed Highway Traffic Racer 3D - Android


Russian Car : Super Speed Highway Traffic Racer 3D is the new game of 2018 where user will drive the superfast & Classic highway Russian cars on endless track. The main objective of the user is to survive through city traffic. The user will get the ultimate chance to score and earn new cars in the game. The closer user will pass through oncoming and ongoing traffic. The user will drive the car on both one way and two way traffic roads, avoid crashing with buses, trucks, cars and vans while driving through the city. The user can collect coins and power booster items in the highway. The user will have to reach the ultimate speed and brake speed barrier and reach the high speed, the police will try to pull you over on this highway track. User can apply various modifications to his/her car. The user can apply performance modifications like Engine Upgrade, enhance the quality of acceleration and brakes. The user will have the real controls and in car driving panel with instrument cluster. The user gets the chance to drive the car in multiple environments like Desert, City, Snow and Mountain Environments.

This game will provide you a job to push an automobile on highway to acquire an experience of genuine racing in automobile. It permits you to haul a vehicle on highway to demonstrate a true traffic stunt whilst driving racing car one of traffic rush. The ultimate endless race in the city streets, countryside roads and seashores, featuring amazing vehicles, addictive gameplay and intense traffic competition. Run your sports elite car smooth and be fast to perform car play and be one of the fastest drivers and get the fastest driving experience in heavy traffic. Enjoy car driving in car. Avoid traffic accidents. Follow speed limitations. Upgrade your car to achieve better performance. Enjoy driving fast and overtaking without crashing your car in to busy traffic, rush hour traffic is extreme so be careful while driving in that time. Drive carefully your speedy asphalt because road is filled with sharp turns, obstacles and other fast traffic.

Following are some highlighting features of the game:

Realistic Physics behind car driving.

Advanced and high quality graphics.

High Quality gameplay with maximum rate of frames per second.

Highly quality and optimized gameplay without any lagging.

Open World City and Specialized Highway Racing Tracks.

World Famous Cities for the ultimate street racing challenge.

Specialized Traffic Racing Tracks.

Dynamic Camera Angles with various camera views.

Advanced Sound Effects and multiple visual effects.

Ultimate weather conditions.

Multiple Modification like New Paint, Rim & Tire along with spoiler and Sports Kit Installation.

High Speed Turbo Charged Engines with performance modifications.

True to life car controls and in car environment.

Police chase and Cop Smash Mode

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