Download Stories of Bethem - Full Moon (Android iOS)


The Stories of Bethem: Full Moon pixel RPG tells the legend of Khoma, a young man who get involved on a long travel to get the Oneiric Objects of Bethem while he becomes a wizard: a real challenge to his strength and skills in a huge world to discover full of dungeons and surprises.


- Discover a vast kingdom full of secrets to discover. Exploration is the key.

- Test your skills with dungeons full of puzzles to solve.

- Be surprised by the wildest characters and stories you could imagine. Guaranteed fun.

- Use and get new magic spells to open your way.

- Collect all the monster auras at the museum.

- Wear the new costumes to get new powers and become a legend.

- Fight against epic monsters.

- Complete the side-quests and get the 52 achievements to squeeze the game.

- Available in English and Spanish.

Play the first dungeon for free and buy the full game with an unique payment if you like it to continue playing

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